Collection: LightWarrior Collections

The LightWarrior

LightWarriors are starseeds who embody the fierce, powerful and compassionate forces of divine light. They are higher dimensional beings who once were warriors on their home planets that reached far across the cosmos. They use their inner fortitude, knowledge, and warrior instincts to fight against the dark forces, safeguarding all living things. They uphold the Law of One for All for the greater good as cosmic guardians.

LightWarriors exhibit a range of remarkable traits, including unwavering courage, unwavering determination, and unwavering integrity. They possess a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and love, which enables them to uplift and heal others. Their mission here on Earth is multifaceted. They strive to bring awareness and enlightenment to the world, to inspire and empower others to live authentically, and to stand up for justice and truth. LightWarriors embrace their role as catalysts for positive change, working tirelessly to transmute negativity into light, and to create a harmonious and loving world for all beings. Through their words, actions, and energy, LightWarriors illuminate the path of enlightenment and inspire others to embrace their own inner light.

The LightWarrior Collection allows you to proudly represent and express your innate, divine, warrior self.